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Belgrade, Serbia – HDL Design House, a leading provider of digital and analog design and verification services for the most complex SoC projects, announced today that they have successfully developed and implemented its first full SoC starting from architecture definition to tapeout phase. SoC is intended for the control of high-performance imaging system and image processing for the application and it is successfully tested in the lab. The customer approached HDL Design House with a challenge to create a complex SoC that would meet the unique requirements of their latest applications.

HDL Design House’s team of highly skilled engineers worked closely with customer’s team to create a customized solution that would provide improved performance, increased reliability, and lower power consumption over existing solutions.

This significant achievement demonstrates HDL Design House’s capability to manage and cope with complex problems related to the design and implementation of today’s SoC. The SoC was designed using Cadence EDA tools and fabricated using TSMC’s 40nm technology. The task was design of a complex SoC that integrates various components, including the image sensor controller, digital signal processor, communication interfaces, memory, and power management unit. HDL Design House’s team of experts in ASIC design, verification, and layout worked diligently to ensure that all the components were designed and integrated flawlessly to meet customer’s specifications. The development process was rigorous, starting with the creation of a detailed architectural/design specification, followed by performances analysis, RTL coding, functional verification, analog design, firmware and software development and physical implementation.

The SoC was successfully tapeout, meeting customer’s stringent requirements for performance, power, and reliability. This achievement marks a significant milestone in HDL Design House history, as it represents the first time that such a complex SoC has been developed from scratch to tapeout for external customer.

“We are proud to have delivered the first full SoC from scratch to tapeout for external customer. HDL Design House demonstrated expertise in all aspects of SoC implementation and testing. ” said Predrag Markovic, CEO of HDL Design House.

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